Thank you for visiting my page at My name is Randolph Brummett and I'm a web designer. If you're interested in having me make some personal or business web sites for you I've got some samples of the work I've done below.
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I used CSS, HTML, and Javascript for the web sites that I make. Those are basic web programming languages. I also know a little bit of PHP/MySQL, which is a server-side scripting language, to help make things like shopping carts, guestbooks, or anything so that the user can interact with the web site. MySQL is database software that goes alongside with PHP. I just learned Flash and Actionscript as well so now I can implement multimedia into the sites that I make. I also understand XHTML, which is becoming the new web standard from the W3C. If you want your web site compatible for handicapped people or for anyone viewing the internet from a handheld device you need to use XHTML. XHTML is also backwards compatible. Yes, this website is also XHTML compatible.

On a recent site that I developed I used AJAX/jQuery commands to asynchronously update a search box without reloading the whole page. I also used more advanced MySQL commands. I have developed non-profit websites in the past, and don't mind helping out an organization display some information about what they're doing if I'm involved with them in some way, but since this portfolio is online to help me find freelance, contracting, or FT/PT work I'm typically not interested in volunteering to help out other than perhaps answer a question or two about a website issue.

Here are a few examples of work that I've done (my resume is at the bottom for more details):

Bandel Bags -

This is a small-to-medium sized site designed using the Wordpress CMS. Client wanted to showcase new hunting and fishing product online so helped set up store on Amazon, with proper shipping information. Created website to display products of varying sizes to prospective customers that linked to Amazon store for purchase. Also, helped build social media presence by adding Twitter and Facebook pages. Improved SEO rankings. Set up ad campaign to promote product online.

Glenn Johnson Law, LLP -

This is a small-to-medium sized site designed using the Joomla CMS. It uses a simple and easy to navigate design that displays the most important information for interested clients, including the cases they specialize in, contact information, credentials, and the amount of money won for each client. The site uses PHP/MySQL/HTML/CSS.

Cal State Fullerton Alumni -

I worked on this departments web site during work/study program. My duties included sending out a monthly e-newsletter to more than 70,000 members, updating and editing the web site daily, sending e-mails and flyers about upcoming events and fundraisers to members and alumni, and helping out during alumni events. The site is designed in ASP/HTML/XML/CSS and uses a content management system.

Reyes Ornamental Iron -

Reyes Ornamental Iron is a medium-sized web site that displays preview photos of stairways, gates, fences, and balconies. The site has audio and is designed using Yahoo! Site Builder in HTML and CSS.

Buy Local Fullerton [OFFLINE] -

Buy local Fullerton is a large web site where people interested in coupons in their local communities can search the web site for them. Also, companies can design coupons for potential customers to use at their business. In this site I used HTML, Javascript, CSS, AJAX/jQuery, PHP, and MySQL.

Theodore Boyer -

Theodore Boyer's personal web site is a small web site I created for a friend. The site uses PHP to rotate images when after you click in to his site with a landing page. It also uses CSS and HTML. He installed WordPress for his blog and I customized it for him.

Sunlight Studios -

This is another web site I made for one client. (The other web site I made for his is below, This is a small business web site he uses to advertise his stained glass company. This site is real simple and uses HTML/CSS throughout its design.

Public Speed Camp -

PSC is a medium sized business site. The site contains a large amount of photos displaying its program. I used Javascript to image swap the images and also to swap some embedded HTML that went along with the photos. CSS controlled link and table design and the page alignment.
Also, got a chance to learn more about cross-browser compatibility. Basically, the site didn't look right in firefox on a mac and using CSS I changed some code around to get it tidy.

NFL - web site has just been redesigned and I was contracted to be part of the HTML/CSS team. I edited bugs/errors with the pages and contributed a lot of code and updates to the site. For example, the polls from sponsors on the pages.
Logos, images, and content of are trademark National Football League, LLC.

Floating Decoy Dolly [OFFLINE] -

FDD is a small business site. It contains a bunch of photos throughout about four to five pages. CSS is implemented in a separate external file to control link design, text, etc.

My resume (in word document format): WEB DEVELOPER RESUME

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