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February 7th, 2022
The issue with the 404 error has been resolved. There's a new volume of comics coming out and I'm revising an old book I published. A comic about the Superbowl has been submitted online, and might make another, or I might do one about the Olympics. Anyways, pretty busy over here.

December 24, 2021
It's Christmas Eve. I have been considering uploading more of my racy comics here since I'm afraid of them getting removed and possibly having my account suspended if I upload them to Twitter. Although, Twitter allows NSFW nudity so they may allow my more controversial comics. I've found Angelfire has a good image viewing script. I could hack it to make it work the way I want. I recently promoted my Twitter to try and get new followers and potential readers of my book. I'll probably do the same on Amazon next.
No progress on the new comic ebook. I also have written out a parody of Shakespeare that's over 100 pages penned in a journal (which I thought I lost in storage). That needs to be converted to digital.

December 21, 2021 Website is back online. This time it was "DNS" problem.

December 6, 2021
All of my news posts from divinecomics.com are backed up. They date from 2004-2018. I'm not sure if I'll upload them into an "archive" section here. So far I have just been uploading old comics onto my Twitter. I had thought that the oldest backup was late 2017, but it was actually 2018. So I had one extra short story, which I wrote after a failed relationship, and one comic. At the time I was more interested in doing traditional art using oils on canvas on an easel and I posted a few of those images on my instagram. My latest ebook is 'Renaissance in America' which I published during the summer of this year ('21). So far I do not have any plans to make new comics or short stories, however I'd like to compile an ebook out of the characters I coined 'Roommates' that includes the adventures of a few recurring characters that were on the site.

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