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October 2, 2022
I uploaded a new volume to my comic book series to the Amazon store in ebook format. Divinecomics.net homepage will reflect this soon with a link. Halloween season some good movies this month.

July 13, 2022
Finally, my website is back online. I was really worried because my anti-virus was listing it as "blacklisted" but really it was just a domain problem. I contacted tech support several times and they couldn't figure out what was wrong but finally figured it out. Something to do with CNAME. Still working on that book could get it done in a day since all the comics are in their final form just copy + paste but I don't make much money off this stuff so there's no rush. Might create a "Comics" section here on Angelfire for NSFW stuff that might jeopardize getting removed or my account flagged on Twitter. Also, may link Insta soon.

June 1, 2022
Things have been pretty difficult lately. I had a major car problem so was unable to drive places. Fortunately, the bus was pretty nice but it sucked having to go one hour for a one-way trip whereas before it would take only 15 minutes plus the cost of gas (which now is insane). I even bought a bicycle to make short trips easier, since you usually have to pay even for short trips, but most drivers are cool they'll let you ride for free most times. Pretty much every bicycle I've ever owned has been stolen though so I don't like having to worry about that. I almost just picked up a junked tranny and had some immigrant install it for pennies on the dollar, but no thanks don't want to have to replace it in a month or two.

May 22nd, 2022
Unfortunately, I was unable to find a completed version of "Volume 2" Roomates in storage on an old hard-drive. It may have been on a floppy disk or a flash drive that simply got lost, so I have to pretty much redo the thing from scratch. The artist who helped me with Renaissance in America prefers to remain anonymous and refuses to be associated with comics at all in general. So the cover may be lacking, although I took an art class once in detention I might be able to figure something out. Other than that everything seems to be fine. Sucks that the economy is still down and even Crypto is affected. Hopefully we'll see a good recovery in the coming months.

March 31st, 2022
The website faced another issue, this time it had to do with DNS and domain forwarding, but it's been solved. I had the entire "Volume 2" already completed years ago, but I can't find the file. I was putting together another book, but encountered some problems so there is going to be a delay. The old website url is still on most of the comics. I'm pretty sure I removed them already and the correct images are on another hard drive, so I'll just check that. Check Twitter for the latest comics. I still do them occasionally.


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